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In both films he plays an obnoxious, slightly insane and formerly overweight fitness instructor who's hell-bent on getting others into shape, and perhaps also on making other peoples' lives miserable. Stiller, founder of Keurig Green Mountain, sold the 9,square-foot, four-bedroom home at 11 Via Vizcaya to a trust managed by Andrew W. Tom and Ben have been friends ever since Is a major fan of Tom Cruise and has impersonated Tom for many years. His father was of Jewish-Austrian descent. Stiller met Christine during the filming of Heat Vision and Jack. She played "Sally Sitwell", the love interest of "Michael Bluth" two episodes and he played the incompetent magician "Tony Wonder" in the episode "The Sword of Destiny". He is also the head of Heritage Aviation, and holds a significant stake in Krispy Kreme.

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Tory lane xxx. Robert Stiller Net Worth is $1.3 Billion.

His father was of Jewish-Austrian descent. I pay a huge chunk of money to my agent and publicity people to shield me from my fan mail. Comedy Night at the Museum: Robert De Niro Splits from Wife of Trademark 1 Short but muscular frame 2 Often plays characters who frequently find themselves in very embarrassing, awkward situations 3 Sarcastic deadpan disposition 4 His characters are often arrogant and short tempered. He is also the head of Heritage Aviation, and holds a significant stake in Krispy Kreme. Lou Gehrig 's disease.

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